What readers are saying

Luke Timmerman sets the standard for excellence in biotech journalism. His brand of tough, intellectually honest, independent reporting is essential for our industry.

Thong Le, CEO, Accelerator

There are a lot of writers commenting on the biopharmaceutical industry. Only a few really matter. Luke has proven himself to be one of them.

Richard Pops, Chairman and CEO, Alkermes

Luke has the rare ability to ask just the right questions to get underneath the standard “company line” and provide real insight.

Harlan Robins, associate member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, founder, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Timmerman is always ahead of the game.

Robert T. Nelsen, managing director, ARCH Venture Partners

Biotech social media is easy to obtain, but is a firehose of data, information, and speculation. The savvy professional needs less noise and more actionable signal. Luke Timmerman finds and writes about that signal.

Atul Butte, director, Institute for Computational Health Sciences, UCSF

Luke’s ability to blend the implications of science with the exigencies of business creates an idiosyncratic and insightful read. Biotech has grown up into a real, and responsible, industry and I am curious to get Timmerman’s views on how to keep up the innovation, frame necessary social dialogues, inspire youngsters, and really ‘go global’.

Vicki Sato, professor of management practice, Harvard Business School

Luke Timmerman knows the deep secret of biotech: success requires technology plus people.

Joshua Boger, founder, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Luke has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of an issue, put it in a broader context and reveal what really matters. He makes the people and topics he covers come to life.

Adelene Perkins, President and CEO

Luke reports on biotech with context like no other. The phrase “What did you think about what Luke wrote?” will once again be a regular comment in hallways and meetings.

Heather Franklin, President and CEO, Blaze Bioscience

Venture investors excel when they have asymmetric information flow. The Timmerman Report will be a key part of our diligence and understanding of not just biotech, but overall healthcare.

Mike Powell, general partner, Sofinnova Ventures

Quality information is invaluable in biotech. Luke Timmerman—through thoughtful research articles, timely and accurate coverage of the news, and great interviews—really delivers value.

Nina Kjellson, general partner, InterWest Partners

When I was unemployed, I gained valuable insight from Luke Timmerman’s reporting. I learned which factors outside the lab can impact biotech hiring. I was able to start looking for jobs where they actually are.

Steve Richards, associate director, chemistry, Global Blood Therapeutics

Luke’s early coverage of PacBio helped propel our work into the mainstream media, helping secure further support for our research.

Eric Schadt, professor and chair of genetics and genomic sciences, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

One key to investing is in knowing what is coming next. Timmerman’s reporting gave me a year head start on the importance of CAR-T immunotherapy, which was a huge benefit.

Brad Loncar, Investor

Smart, insightful, analytical—even occasionally funny—reporting. No click bait stunts.

Ashley Dombkowski, managing director, Bay City Capital

Luke’s analysis of drug research and development help set the agenda for what industry professionals discuss.

Ryan McBride, social media community manager, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research