Molecular Information Companies, One Way or Another, Find Value in Genomics

Way back in the day, the late 1990s, companies ran around saying, ‘Holy mackerel, we’re gathering all this cool genomic information. It’s valuable. We’ll sell it and make a bundle.” Almost 20 years later, next-generation sequencers are exponentially better, faster, and cheaper. They pump out vast amounts of genomic information. There are many more companies gathering data, slicing it up...
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Q&A With Illumina CEO Jay Flatley on Where Genomics Is Growing

Walk into any biomedical lab these days, and chances are you’ll see Illumina’s orange logo. Many scientists, diagnostics makers, physicians, and Wall Street analysts look upon the dominant maker of DNA sequencing machines with a mix of respect, fear, and awe. Much like Intel became the company that sparked so much of the computer revolution, Illumina has risen to prominence...
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How’s It Going at the Biotech Journalism Startup? Much Better Than Expected

People want quality biotech journalism. The response from subscribers in the first two weeks of Timmerman Report has exceeded my most optimistic expectations. A half-dozen journalists covered the debut. Wade Roush at the Knight Science Journalism Fellowships at MIT and Theral Timpson at Mendelspod deserve special thanks. Readers who know what kind of beating traditional journalism has taken over the...
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